Terms and conditions


The person making this agreement is responsible to the mooring for the behavior and actions of his crew, guests, and hired labor while on the premises, and said person shall hold the Belmont Mooring Company harmless of all claims arising thereunder.


It is understood and agreed by the Boat Owner Lessee that Belmont Mooring Company, LLC. its agents and employees, will not be responsible or liable for any claims and/or demands for damage or loss to or of the above named boat, its gear or any equipment and/or personal property of the Boat Owner whatsoever, and for any injury to the Boat Owner, his agents, employees, family, business invitees or guests. It being the intention of the Boat Owner in the consideration of Belmont Mooring Company, LLC. entering into this contract, that said Belmont Mooring Company, LLC. , its agents and employees, be completely absolved from any and all claims, demands and liabilities of whatsoever nature by all persons, firms or corporations.

No property damage or personal injury insurance is carried by Belmont Mooring Company, LLC. on the customer’s boats or other property. Summer berthing or storage, wet or dry, is accepted at the sole risk of the Owner Lessee, and said Owner Lessee hereby releases Belmont Mooring Company, LLC. from any and all claims for damages of whatsoever nature.

In the event that any damage to person or property is sustained by the Owner of the boat and/or his guests, agents, employees, or business invitees as a result of the negligence of Belmont Mooring Company, LLC. its agents, or employees the liability for property damage is expressly limited to the sum of Five ($5.00) Dollars, and the damage for all personal injury expressly limited to Ten ($10.00) Dollars per person.

It is understood and agreed that while Lessor has made every effort to provide safe and comfortable Mooring facilities, there has been no warranty or representation by Lessor of the fitness of the facilities for the use for which they are designed and provided. The Lessee agrees that Lessor in not responsible for any injury or damage, or loss of equipment, to the vessel, Lessee, or his guests, agents, employees or family for whatever cause. The Lessee further agrees to save harmless, protect and indemnify Lessor from and against any and all loss, costs, damage claims, suits, actions at law and judgements, including attorney’s fees, which may arise or grow out of any injury to, or death of, persons, damages to property, or any other matter or thing caused by acts of God, fire, wind, storm, explosion, flood, burglary, theft or by any other casualty.


The Owner Lessee further guarantees upon the signing of this agreement that he is the sole owner of the boat aforementioned, and in the event other persons, firms or corporations hold an interest in said boat, the said Owner agrees that he will indemnify the said Belmont Mooring Company, LLC. from any claims by the same by the same for injuries or damages.


The Lessee agrees the Lessor shall have a security interest in and a lien upon the vessel for any and all monies due to Lessor which are thenoutstanding, which lien and/or security interest may be enforced by sale of the yacht in accordance with the procedures set forth in Title 34, Chapter 35 of the General Laws of 1956, and any amendments thereto or in accordance with the procedures set forth in Title 6A, Chapter 9, of the General Laws, and any amendments thereto. If a lien is maintained the Owner Lessee of the boat shall pay the usual storage rate during the term of enforcement of said lien.

Beware – The vessel and its contents may be sold at public auction for failure to pay storage charges.


The vessel may not be left unattended for more than 3 hours. If vessel is left unattended for more than 3 hours, the Lessee agrees to an additional fee of $10 dollars an hour for unattended vessel hazards. Under no circumstance may you leave vessel unattended overnight.


When paying with a credit card- You are agreeing to our Billing Policy.
You are authorizing us to charge the sum of your account daily.


This section will outline the costs associated with the pricing of mooring equipment if damaged.



The sum is due within 15 minutes of arrival.
If you would like an additional 24 hours, the sum must be paid by 10 AM or the mooring must be vacated.