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We are an anchor and mooring system installer and Mooring Field management Company. Our staff includes Hard Hat divers, skippers, professional deckhands and Marina managers. We use a Helix anchor and Eco-Mooring rode to attach to the buoy. This is the strongest and most eco-friendly mooring system in the world. The Belmont Mooring Company is the only California Distributor and Installer of this product.

Our Systems

Our Anchors and systems can be used in many applications in near coastal waters, lakes and rivers.

Projects and services menu

  • Catalina style mooring fields
  • Marinas and docks with no “pilings”
  • Marker buoys in Oceans, Lakes, Rivers and Marinas
  • Swim areas and even Ocean Water polo courts
  • Booms at River mouths to steer and/or catch trash
  • Replacement of traditional concrete block moorings
  • Can be temporary or permanent
  • Completely environmentally approved
  • Small Ocean floor footprint
  • Eliminates the need for concrete blocks up to 6,000#
  • Installed with one diver and our custom pontoon barge
  • Custom charter fleet moorings anywhere in the world
  • Private moorings in approved areas

Service and Trust

We believe that most future mooring installs will be using our product. It is stronger, lighter and completely environmentally friendly.

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