Pricing Made Simple

Two options to choose if you want to spend few hours or stay overnight​

$20 for up to 3 hrs

Check in before 15 mins
Fast online payments

$1 per foot/day

Check in before 15 mins
Check out the next day at 10am

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do after arrival?

Moorings are on a first-come, first-serve basis, unless a reservation has been secured. Upon Arrival, please contact the Mooring Master at 562-881-0567 by phone or text immediately. Failure to contact Belmont Mooring Company within 10 minutes of arrival may result in moved off the mooring.

What type of payment methods are accepted?

We accept Paypal payments at and
Venmo to Michael O'Toole @Michaelgondolier
$20 USD for 3 hours
$1 USD per Foot for overnight

What is the maximum length of stay?

Maximum overall length of stay is 15 days.

Can I connect to the stern of the boat or only the bow?

Moorings are bow only. Pick up stick if available; pull forward a bit to pull mooring pendant on board. Lip loop on cleat and lash a safety line over cleat and loop. Please put mooring mast on deck, do not let it hang in the water.

What time is check out for overnight stay?

On the day of departure, moorings must be vacated by 10:00am. Ask the Mooring Master about a late check-out fee. When leaving toss mooring mast overboard and make sure it is clear from boat. Take pendant end loop off cleat and drop overboard. Make sure all lines are clear, beware of mooring behind you and slowly exit mooring field.

Can I keep my generators running overnight?

To ensure a peaceful coexistence, all generators must be secured at 10:00 pm nightly and not be started before 7:00am.

Can I simply anchor in the harbor overnight?

No overnight anchoring in the harbor is allowed except Fri-Sat-Sun. You must anchor at least 200 feet away from the island and/or any mooring can. Plan on depth of 20'-40'. This area is not patrolled by BMC and anchor at your own risk.