The Mooring at Island White in The Long Beach Harbor

Long Beach has one of the more unique waterfronts on the Coast.  With our “Barrier Reef,” breakwater, we have protected Ocean waters that are dotted with Islands and calm seas.  The Lee of Island White has become famous for its sheltered anchorage for weekend boaters.  We have added moorings to the Lee of White that allows stays up to 10 days in a row.  This allows for a safe, simple and comfortable stay for just a dollar a foot per day! No mud on the decks, crossing anchor lines or the dreaded anchor drag.  These moorings create a “convenient Catalina” right here in your own backyard.  We are just a gallon away

Simple process

You can reserve by text at 562-881-0567 to get in when the getting is good.  Come out for the day or stay for the night.  In the lee of the Island the wind and water are calm and warm even in the afternoon breeze.  BBQ, Swim, float and relax.  The sunsets are unmatched and the City lights at night are intoxicating.

We are right in between the two marinas just a short sail for motor away.  It’s so easy and so special.  There is not another place on the Coast that can boast such a perfect and convenient location to use your boat and our unique waterfront.  Tell your friends and make it a staycation that will rival vacations!

Easy steps

Some good information to know as a local boater.